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What you’re about to learn is dangerous.

I give you the chance now to turn away.

As once you have received these words,

You won’t see your world in the same way.

And yet you already know,

Somewhere deep down in your heart.

What I say is not something new to you.

It was known right from the start.

A truth you have denied yourself,

Yet it’s gifted to all from birth.

The monsters you feared as a child are real.

Human kind does not own this Earth.

The prickling you feel on the back of your neck

Is proof that they are there

Never ignore your instincts

Or the standing of your hair.

The wind is not what whispered

When you were alone and heard your name.

It was not just your imagination

When your reflection began to change.

That white hand on your shoulder…

Don’t look now it’s gone away.

Just use the corner of your eye,

If you look, they will not stay.

Every culture has its “boogeyman”

Who stalks you in the night

Every child Feels them closing in,

Until they turn on the light.

All the cracks and empty spaces,

And of course under your bed.

They came here long before us,

And will stay long after we’re dead.

We grow older and we lie,

Both to ourselves and to others.

We say those creatures aren’t real.

Yet at night we hide under the covers.

Every one of us is born

With an innate fear of the dark.

What hides there is not peaceful,

And has already left its mark.

You are not who you were meant to be

They change you in your sleep.

They weave their plans into our dreams,

We’re just their cattle or their sheep.

In ancient times we knew their name.

But the human race forgot.

The world we once belonged to died,

Now we are helpless to end their plot.

We are the tools which monsters used

To build this world anew.

There was once a time they feared us,

But we forgot that too.

What is their plan? I cannot say.

But I can tell you what they’ve done.

They waged a war against our minds,

And it looks as though they’ve won.

They keep us from progressing,

They keep us fighting constant wars.

They wish for us to fear our brothers,

Who live on distant shores.

They want to keep us busy,

So they fill our minds with fright.

So long as we are preoccupied,

We won’t ask what went bump in the night.

These monsters are not powerful.

If they were, they’d have no need to scare us.

If it came to a fight they would lose the war,

Instead they play with our minds to ensnare us.

They seem to be building towards something.

This world changes every day.

If we advance, it was their decision.

We are but dolls with which they play.

Alas we have run out of time,

I can only resist them for so long.

If my words got through to anyone,

Please help me to right this wrong.

Don’t trust the voices in your head,

They are not voices of your own.

See the movements in the dark,

And know you are never alone.

They hear us even now.

Can’t you feel their anger burn?

The truths I speak are not something

They wanted you to learn.

You’ve been conditioned not to hear this,

They want for you to turn away.

You’ll believe this to be some sort of performance,

A facade, an act, a play.

But know this is a warning.

Tell your family, tell your peers.

The world they know is not their own,

It is controlled by all their fears.

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