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Taylor Swift performing.

Taylor Swift Course Offered for Westfield State Fall 2024 Semester

Kasidee Nichols, Staff Writer April 21, 2024

After 17 ½ years of teaching, Christopher Gullen turns their attention and skills to investigate pop star Taylor Swift’s image, general presentation, and fandom in a new course offered to first-year...

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Westfield State for Fall 2023.

Being a Part of Student Government at Westfield State

Devon Ortmeyer, Staff Writer April 9, 2024

Have you ever considered what it would be like to participate in student government at Westfield State University? The Student Government Association at Westfield State is made up of a 75-member legislature...

A gray-scale image of a single shopping cart.

Good Doesn’t Always Triumph: Temu, Security, and Ethical Annihilation

Alicia Brennan, Co-Editor in Chief February 23, 2024

If you live in the United States, there’s a good chance you watched at least a portion of the 2024 Super Bowl. If that’s the case, you likely also saw one of three upbeat, colorful advertisements for...

In Remembrance that Inalienable Human Rights Matter

In Remembrance that Inalienable Human Rights Matter

Tara Wallace, Co-Editor in Chief February 17, 2024

The life of a person who is considered the property of another and is subject to his authority in all things is demeaning and insufferable. Take it from Harriet Jacobs (a.k.a. Linda Brent, pen name), a...

News reporter broadcasting outdoors.

Westfield State University Empowers Student Commentators: A Look Inside Broadcast Journalism on Campus

Ali Lundgren, Staff Writer December 30, 2023

This year, the Westfield State University Athletics Department is shining a well-deserved spotlight on their most recent broadcast crew. Although student commentary during home games was introduced...

View of the front of the Dining Commons patio.

Greening the WSU Campus: Westfield State Students Propose Green Spaces

Alicia Brennan, Co-Editor in Chief December 15, 2023

With the rise of urbanization, green spaces are increasingly under threat, and Westfield State University’s students are rising to combat this environmental challenge.  The Westfield State University...

Interior of one of Westfield States greenhouses.

Preparations for the Winter, Renovations for the Spring: Small Steps for the WSU Greenhouse and its Community 

Caitlyn Chu, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

Currently making her rounds around the greenhouse, sweeping the dirt off of the concrete floors, Charlotte K. Haley is still hard at work in her position within the federal work study program. Majoring...

People at work around several laptops and devices.

Internships: How Westfield State University Students Can Prepare for the Future

Devon Ortmeyer, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

Westfield State University students across campus are grappling with important questions regarding their future and their ability to get a job, as of 2023. Many students are uncertain about their future...

Four women dressed in the gyaru style.

APISU’s Insight on Gyaru, an Iconic Fashion Style from Japan

Caitlyn Chu, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

The Asian-American students of Westfield State University recently attended one of the events provided within the APISU (Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union) club, where they get to know more about...

Is Social Media Ruining Our Cognition?

ABBY SANCHEZ December 11, 2023

The internet is absurdly addictive. We are permanently connected to it; We sacrifice our time and productivity for something unproductive, for the sake of avoiding a hard task, or just because we are...

Three white posters on a chain-link fence reading, Dont give up, You are not alone, and You matter.

Breaking the Silence: Mental Health Initiatives Flourish on Westfield State University’s Campus

Zach Bianco, Staff Writer December 5, 2023

Amidst the bustling atmosphere of Westfield State University, a growing focus on mental health has taken center stage as programs like Pet Therapy and Westfield State’s Counseling Center aim to offer...

An open back of a well-packed, rundown van.

Should non-traditional jobs have a place at WSU?

Isabelle Bizalion, Staff Writer December 5, 2023

Is the contemporary job of brand ambassador, freelance creative marketing, influencer, and related fields a lucrative one? “It’s as much a lifestyle as it is a job. People get to live a lifestyle...

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