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One Peculiar Circle

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Cam Fackre, a senior at Westfield State University, shared his experiences with the infamous circle outside of Courtney Hall. The seemingly harmless cement slabs forming a single circle at their center has created an urban legend within the campus community. Known popularly as the “Pregnancy Circle,” there aren’t many people who haven’t at least heard of the tale.

The superstitions surrounding this circle seem to change from person to person, but Fackre offered to tell me his own side of this legend.

As an incoming freshman, Fackre had just visited WSU. He was an athlete in high school, and ran cross country. WSU Coach Devine, offered Fackre the opportunity to spend a night on campus with the team. Fackre took Devine’s offer and spent the whole day with two teammates, Justin and Steven.

The teammates showed Fackre around campus and when they reached the circle, it was all warnings and precautions.

The two explained that if he ever stepped in the very center circle, he would “become pregnant.”

Fackre never heeded the warning with much enthusiasm, nor did he think much of the idea of himself becoming pregnant. However, he never joined the cross country team and decided to pursue his passion in music. It wasn’t until much later that Fackre had his second encounter with the circle.

Walking across the campus one day, Fackre stepped in the circle as he passed by Courtney Hall not thinking much about where he was going or where he had stepped. However, from behind him he could hear another passerby. “Dude you’re a f***ing savage,” the man said to him after watching Fackre walk right into and through the “Pregnancy Circle.”

People say that although they don’t believe in the effects of the Pregnancy Circle, they wouldn’t dare step into it. There are other stories that encompass far more severe punishments for stepping into the circle. People have said it is a curse, and this curse ranges from bad luck to never graduating.

Other variations of the legend say if a student steps into the circle, someone, somewhere gets pregnant because of it. No matter who or where, the circle has no limitations.

The most popular urban legends around the country deal with teaching a lesson to the campus. Whether it be lying to a professor, roommate murderers, or drunk consequences, they all result some form of a life-changing punishment.

In the case of the “Pregnancy Circle,” WSU students are taught if you can take care not to step in the circle, then you can take the same precautions when it comes to sex. This circle is merely a warning for, and an awareness of, safe sex.

All of those who don’t take the legend seriously, openly walk through the circle, almost mocking its presence. However, Fackre says he has been constantly aware of its existence from the very moment Justin and Steven mentioned it to him.

If there is one spot on campus students have never set foot in, it is within that circle.

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