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You’re Fired: The Possibility of our President’s Impeachment


Donald J. Trump was inaugurated into the white house on January 20th, 2017, at precisely 12 o’clock. Since his stint as our president began, many things have happened, and for the most part it can be argued that they’ve been harmful. Some of his actions have even been deemed ‘impeachable’. 

For a little background, Trump came into his presidency with no political experience, having been a successful businessman with his Trump empire in New York as well as having a hit television show called “The Apprentice”. He’s not the first president with a background in television; our 40th president Ronald Reagan was an actor and motivational speaker before transitioning into his political career. Both were republicans, and both had controversies tied to them. Reagan had the Iran-Contra affair, which centered around the statement he made that the United States had sold weapons to our ‘nemeses’ the Iranians. He was also involved with the Department of Housing and Urban Development grant rigging which rigged low income housing bids to be in favor of his republican bid. 

As for Trump’s disastrous affairs, the one that’s in the spotlight currently regards a phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. During this phone call, Zelensky asked to purchase missiles and Trump responded by asking him to do a ‘favor’ regarding his democratic rivals.  

This conversation disturbed our Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who ordered the investigation of Trump regarding his impeachment. These developments in Trump’s case began last week with Pelosi launching this investigation.  

President Trump is completely oblivious to his behavior as he claims he is a “victim of democratic smear, crooked media, and treasonous spies” according to 60 Minutes and CBS. Trump states that his victim cries all over his Twitter page nearly 24/7 which is an insight to his bad actions and irresponsible conclusions, so this statement does not come as a shock to many.  

In response to the phone call, Pelosi said that Trump told her it was “perfect” and that there was “nothing wrong”. The Speaker of the House disagrees with this statement and says that there is most certainly something wrong. She questions how our president could put the integrity of our country in foreign hands, especially our ally Ukraine.  

News source 60 Minutes has the records of the phone calls, including the “Whistleblower Complaint”, which sparked the whole investigation. Democrat Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who oversees the investigation, stated in 60 Minutes interview that the person who gave the “Whistleblower Complaint” will testify if needed.  

 As for Trump’s impeachment? Anyone’s deplorable.  

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