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The Bachelor Recap

The Bachelor Recap

Girls Night just got a whole lot crazier. The Bachelor, starring Peter Weber, conquered Costa Rica with 13 women by his side.

Monday night, the women went from Cleveland, Ohio to the forest of Costa Rica. Everyone thought the drama was over, but it was only just beginning.

He flies in on a helicopter to pick up Sydney for a one on one date. They fly all around Costa Rica by beautiful waterfalls and rainforest. Which ends in a dinner where Sydney opens up about her life during high school with bullying and drama she went through. According to Peter, “that is why she is so strong and the way she is.”

Next was the group date where 10 women and Peter did a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan in the rainforest, and whoever the photographer thinks Peter looks best with will be on the cover of the magazine. In the end, Victoria F won, but Hannah Ann got the group date rose. This makes some women like Kelsey develop some concerns about herself because of the date and words of Tammy.

Tammy brought up her concerns about Kelsey to Peter, but Kelsey fought for her relationship and fixed everything by going over to Peter’s hotel to talk everything out. In the end she got a rose for opening up.

The last one on one was with Kelly, to figure out if she and Peter are on the same level. They went to a special shrine and did religious rituals. It ended in a romantic dinner where they talked everything out and she ended with a rose.

As the women walk into what they think is going to be the cocktail party, Chris Harrison walked in saying that, “The cocktail party is canceled. Peter has found the clarity he needed.” That made a lot of women angry, especially at Kelsey because of her visiting Peter and getting extra time.

Tammy realized that she could go home. So before Peter started handing out roses, she asked if she could have a conversation with him to clear her name. That she did not have malicious intentions with what she said. Her getting this time angered so many women, so Mykenna did the same thing. The rest of the women get infuriated, thinking this could have influenced his decision because they made their own “mini cocktail party”. In the end, Tammy, Mykenna, and Kelsey are still there. Then Deandra, Lexi, and Kiarra were sent home.

On Wednesday night, Peter continued his love adventure to Santiago, Chile. Everyone thinks that the drama is behind them, but boy they were wrong. It’s a television show, the drama never stops.

The first one on one was this Hannah Ann. She got the first impression rose night one and always has been a front runner. The people wanted to see more than a girl with a pretty smile, but was not sure if she was ready for love and getting married at a young age. Peter wanted to see a real side to her and he did. She cried and reassured Peter that she was ready. In the end, she received a well deserved rose.

Drama always follows the group dates. Eight women along with Peter went to a film studio in Chile and acted in their own telenovela, called El Amor de Pedro. Where all the women dressed up and played different love interests for Peters character Pedro. It was very funny watching them dress up from maids to grandmas.

As the night went on, that’s when the drama escalated. Victoria P, the gorgeous blonde who was a nurse, got sent home in the middle of the date. My jaw dropped to the ground. She was one of my favorites. Peter left to talk to Madi, and could not help over hearing Tammy and Mykenna yelling at each other. Tammy saying that Mykenna is “immature and not ready.” When the fight ended Peter gave Madi the rose, the one girl who is not a drama queen.

After Victoria F. had her second one on one, the women of course got jealous, but little do they know the date did not go as well as they thought. Victoria and Peter had a serious talk about feelings and she threw up a wall. Peter was not happy about that. After so many tears, she still got a rose because of their “undeniable passion.”

Before the cocktail party, there was a knock on the door. A surprise date card was there for Mykenna and Tammy. The card said, “Meet with me before the cocktail party. Enough is enough.” When all three met, Peter let each side speak their truth. Tammy finally went home.

The cocktail party goes by in a breeze. Everyone is feeling confident and content. Kelsey or Mykenna haven’t cried in a while. Peter hands out the roses and in the end, Mykenna and Sydney are sent home. Of course the show ends with Mykenna in tears. Next week, Peter and the women go to Peru, with more drama and tears to come.

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