Take A Hike: The Best Hiking & Nature Spots in MA


Margaret Ahearn, Staff Writer

Originally posted on my personal blog 

*note- these parks are all located in the eastern/southeastern part of the state*

As spring continues into summer, warmer weather calls for the outdoors. In my opinion, one of the best ways to spend time outside is by hiking. I grew up going to state parks, as it was a cheap & fun thing to do during the summer. This instilled passion has grown up with me, and I still love to hike.

I’ve been to quite a few state parks over the country in my years, but my favorites have been in my home state of Massachusetts. Without further ado, here they are!


F. Gilbert Hills State Forest


F. Gilbert Hills State Forest is located in Foxborough, MA, right off of Route 1. It is part of the 30-mile Warner Trail, which goes into Rhode Island. There are many different things you can do during your visit at the park. Hiking is one of the most popular, but there are also 8 miles of motor biking trails & 5 miles of mountain biking trails.

F. Gilbert Hills also harbors grills & picnic areas for a picturesque date, and has the scenic view to go along with it. They are dog & horse friendly, so if animals are more your speed, bring them along!

I may be a bit biased to this park, because my family lives in Foxborough. But I guarantee, F. Gilbert Hills State Forest is the place to be!


Blue Hills Reservation

Milton, Quincy, Canton, Dedham & Braintree

Blue Hills Reservation is located just outside of Boston, with access to public transportation. It’s a great option for those in the city who want a break from the rush, and want to relax with nature. Blue Hills is expansive- it covers parts of five towns in Norfolk County, spanning over 7,000 acres.

The opportunities for fun are endless at Blue Hills! Come ski during the winter, hike in the spring and swim in the summer! There is also a summer camp for ages 5-15, to learn about the beauty of nature, whilst exploring.

One of my personal favorites is the Blue Hills Trailside Museum. They house animals such as owls, exotic birds & foxes. It’s great for people of all ages.

You can also see the skyline of Boston from one of their towers in the forest. With just that alone, it’s definitely worth a trip or two!


Borderland State Park

Easton, Sharon

Borderland State Park is located in the towns of  Easton and Sharon, and boasts a historical 1900s mansion. Its beautiful mansion & grounds have been made famous for being locations in movies such as Shutter Island (2010) and Knives Out (2019).

The perfect place to  stroll, horseback ride or fish, the grounds expand over 20 miles.

Camps are held during the summertime, where children can learn and play. It’s also a great place for adults too, for hosting weddings in their lovely mansion & on the luscious grounds.

One of my favorite things about Borderland is the expansive trails that they have. You can easily get lost in its charm. And, if you decide to visit, you may see a horse or even an alpaca walking around with their owners!

Overall, I believe that hiking & the outdoors should be taken advantage of more. These parks are filled with days of activities for little to no cost!