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Top 10 Tips for Improving in Fortnite


By Dan Wenerowicz

Fortniteis a free-to-play Battle Royale video game that pits one versus 100 others all seeking to be the last player standing amidst the eliminations. Epic Gamesthe creators of the game, recently revealed that their player base is now over a massive 45 million players. They have also boasted 3.4 million concurrent players; which marks Fortnite as the largest Battle Royale game right now. Anyone with a way to play Fortnite is doing so, and even here at Westfield State, I can’t walk back to my dorm without hearing the “battle bus”, screams of victory or defeat, and shotgun blasts echoing in the halls. Everyone is chasing the same goal, and that is a clean Victory Royale. Players have copious methods to use when attempting to win, but if you want to maximize your wins with high eliminations along the way, here are 10 key tips when going into battle.

  1. Landing Spots

Where you land to start the game matters, each place can give you a different outcome. If you want to get as many eliminations as possible, go to Tilted TowersTilted Towers brings the opportunity for many kills, but it also brings the chance of a quick death. If you want to have a relatively safe start, stay on the bus longer and land along the outskirts in places like Greasy Grove or Anarchy Acres; the drawback here is less action and sometimes less loot. There are plenty of places to get a good start, and depending on your confidence as a player, plenty of places to show off your Fortnite prowess.

2. Playing the Circle

The Circle is an important part of the game, and it can be used for more than an indication of where to go next. An important tactic in the later part of a round, running around on the edges of the circle can give you a major advantage. Not only will you have a much lower chance of being sandwiched by multiple players, but you have guaranteed flank protection as well.

3. Using your ears

Playing Fortnite with a headset on is a drastically different experience from playing with the volume low or music in the background. An enemy player’s footsteps can be heard easily in a match and can give you their location. All weapons have different sounds, and their shots can tell you where other players are on the map. Building can also easily be heard, and you’ll know if someone is trying to flank. Music is always fun to listen to in game, but if you really want some wins, your best bet is to turn it down.

4. Communication

Effective communication is crucial if you are serious about getting wins in duo or squad games. The compass at the top of your screen is there for good reason, and calling out the exact location of enemies can turn a dysfunctional fight into a quick and decisive one. Let your teammates know where you want to move, if you heard shots in the distance, or if you are running low on materials. A team that is in sync is a true force on the battlefield.

5. Managing Inventory

Every player gets exactly five inventory slots. You want to manage those slots so you can have more effective loadouts. Two team members shouldn’t both be carrying seven bandages. One should carry fourteen bandages, and now the other has a free space for a grenade launcher or more shields.

6. Carry Shields Over Meds

Sometimes you will have to leave things behind because you only have those five slots. When given the choice between mini shields or a Medkit, take the mini shields. Not only are shields your first line of health, therefore they are used up more often. There is a much higher chance of an enemy dropping meds and no shields after a fight. You’ll always be able to heal up, but “slurp juice” is much harder to get.

7. Building

These last tips all involve building, and rightly so. Building is the single most important part of Fortnite. When I say building, I mean effective combat building. Quickly use some walls and steps to push your opponent, which can make an even fight a completely one-sided fight. You should never worry about finding cover in a fight; instead you should be making it as needed.

8. Use wood in fights

Metal and brick may be tempting to use in a fight because they have more health and are sturdier. However, that health and sturdiness take longer to build up, and they will break down faster than wood will as they go up. Wood reaches full health faster, making it much better in the middle of a fight

9. Building to heal

When a fight is over, you may be tempted to stop and heal right after. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to build walls around myself when healing up, and a third team has sniped me from 100m away. Don’t make the same mistake and build a quick barrier.

10. Always assume the enemy is above you

During a fight, things can get hectic and losing sight of your enemy happens frequently, or you may hear footsteps and can’t pinpoint where they are. Always assume they are above you. The high ground is a major advantage in a fight, and if the enemy isn’t already above you, then you need to be above them. Build some stairs and a wall to make yourself harder to hit, while putting your enemy in a bad position. If you’re on ground level and they are above, then the round is most likely already over.

Fortnite is a much deeper game than it may seem, and it will take hours and hours of practice to truly be a master. However, with some of these tips in mind and plenty of practice along the way, you and the squad will have plenty of Victories rolling in.

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