Video Game Review: Lego Indiana Jones, The Original Adventures

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer

I recently played the first Lego Indiana Jones game again. It was great to replay one of my favorite Lego video games that I so enjoyed as a kid. I found that I was both better at the game than the last time, but that the game was a little old and buggy. During one level, I clipped through the ground of the level and fell. One or two other times, the Lego characters got stuck or kept falling in the same place. The clunkiness of the game sometimes actually made it harder than it needed to be.

Picture of Video Game from Amazon

A few of the levels are difficult due to this, but made it funnier to play, as when you go back to video games you played as a kid, you may return with a new perspective. Also, I tried to replay some of the other Lego games I have, but most of my DS games were too old to play again. It’s good to replay the game and rekindle my interest in Legos and Indiana Jones. I’m excited for when the next movie comes out next year, and that there are new Lego Indiana Jones sets, but maybe a new video game, that has levels from all the movies, including the new one. I am going to watch it when it comes out.