Music Review: Gigaton by Pearl Jam

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer

Picture of band members from Pearl Jam website

As someone who has never fully listened to Pearl Jam before, this was a pretty good introduction to their discography. Despite it being their newest album, it has what you would expect Pearl Jam to sound like. Their music hooks you in and convinces you of how good it is. The vocals and instruments sounded amazing, and some of the songs had that hard rock vibe. Also, I really liked the cover and the track names, which made me more interested in listening to the album.

Picture of Album from Pearl Jam website

Sometimes an album cover can make or break an album, either being just as interesting as the album itself, or be worse than the material contained inside. This cover, of what I can assume is rocky cliffs, juxtaposes the songs well. Adding on to the rocky, hard edge that the album has. Through this album, I was able to get into a new band I had never fully listened to before and be able to go backwards and listen to their other albums, which put them on the map back in the 90s.

I would especially recommend Yield or Ten if you liked this album, as its good to go back and listen to what started a band’s discography. You don’t always have to go about listening to music in a linear way, and a different approach to listening can change how we think of music consumption in our day and age.