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Diversify Your Taste in Films 

Jeremy Johnson May 5, 2023
Films, like most pieces of art, are an amazing form of expression. When you go to the theaters and pay for overpriced popcorn to watch a movie, no matter how big or small it is in scale, you are viewing hundreds of different ideas and concepts that were sprung from its creators. However, for American audiences, we clearly give more attention to big spectacles and long spanning franchises... One of the biggest reasons for exploring more diverse films is to experience interesting ways of filmmaking that simply are not being shown in Hollywood cinema.
Westfield State University Students Launch Campaign to Raise Money for Square Ones Diaper Bank

Westfield State University Students Launch Campaign to Raise Money for Square One’s Diaper Bank

Westfield Voice Staff April 18, 2023

WESTFIELD, MA—Westfield State University Advanced Public Relations students are launching a campaign, Dunkin for Diapers, to raise money and awareness for Square One’s diaper bank. The campaign will...

If you know the signs to look for, it becomes clear that the Earth itself is breathing.

What can YOU do to better our planet?

Kylie Woekel, Staff Writer April 18, 2023

Climate change is fiercely coming our way, you have the power to make a change. These are some of the ways you can help : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Reusing products saves money and prevents creating...

Movie Review: Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer April 12, 2023

   Last Tuesday, I went and saw the Dungeons and Dragons movie. While it may be more for the fans of the roleplaying game, this movie has a lot of heart to it. I was surprised at how I felt for these...

John Wick Chapter 4 Review

Alicia Brennan, Staff Writer April 12, 2023

Over the past decade, many action and thriller franchises have exhausted the classic theatrical tropes: high-speed car chases, advanced hand-to-hand combat, and even massive battle scenes chock-full...

“The Social Dilemma” Review

Kylie Woekel, Staff Writer April 12, 2023

  The film The Social Dilemma was a wake up call for our generation. The documentary / docudrama the Social Dilemma was about how social media is addictive and proceeds to damage our society more...

Jessie Cardin: Running Straight to the Olympic Trials

Jessie Cardin: Running Straight to the Olympic Trials

Lindsey Genatossio, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 27, 2023

2018 Westfield State Alumna Jessie Cardin, currently practicing for the Olympic trials in distance running for the upcoming marathon in 2024. Cardin has been running since she was about six years old...

Concert review: They Might Be Giants

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer March 25, 2023

I just finished watching a free live stream concert of They Might Be Giants. It was probably the most absurd and energetic show I’ve seen. The lighting was crazy, the songs were odd, and it was brilliant....

Review: Nope

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer March 25, 2023

I recently finally got around to watching “Nope” and let me tell you, it’s very good. A very weird and interesting movie where what happens is not what you at first suspect. Without spoiling anything,...

Video Game Review: Lego Indiana Jones, The Original Adventures

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer March 25, 2023

I recently played the first Lego Indiana Jones game again. It was great to replay one of my favorite Lego video games that I so enjoyed as a kid. I found that I was both better at the game than the last...

Music Review: Gigaton by Pearl Jam

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer March 24, 2023

As someone who has never fully listened to Pearl Jam before, this was a pretty good introduction to their discography. Despite it being their newest album, it has what you would expect Pearl Jam to...

Movie Review: Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer March 23, 2023

 As MCU sequels go, this was one of the best we’ve gotten yet. It not only has thrilling action scenes, but great explorations of the all the characters. The thoughtful and compelling way this film...

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