Review: Nope

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer

I recently finally got around to watching “Nope” and let me tell you, it’s very good. A very weird and interesting movie where what happens is not what you at first suspect. Without spoiling anything, it is a very interesting movie about people trying to prove that aliens are real. The special effects are a sight to behold. The way in which we learn of what’s really going on is also clever. The audience mostly only knows as much as the characters what’s going on.


Picture of Nope trailer form Youtube

Every character is fleshed out well and is complex. The movie is sectioned in parts, like vignettes, which is a very interesting choice on Jordan Peele’s part. I also liked how the film created an entire fake sitcom to add to a character’s backstory.


The story of this fake sitcom and what went wrong are the movie’s fascinating b or c plot, which almost usurps the main villain with its intensity. The movie is gory, but not too gory. I think anyone who likes Jordan Peele’s work, or horror and sci fi, will find this movie very interesting.