“The Social Dilemma” Review

Kylie Woekel, Staff Writer


Official banner for the “Social Dilemma” from Netflix

The film The Social Dilemma was a wake up call for our generation. The documentary / docudrama the Social Dilemma was about how social media is addictive and proceeds to damage our society more and more as it advances. Social media revolves around likes, comments and reactions, many people lean to social media to find validation. Our generation remembers a world with social media and a world without it. The rise of technology has increased greatly throughout the years, yet it is starting to have a downfall on our society and is noticeably changing.

Not only is social media addictive but it also sparks comparison and seeking out validation from others, comments and private messages amongst users can spark cyberbullying. Social media such as Tiktok or Youtube is designed to capture a person’s attention and create instant dopamine levels, this is not a normal way of life, especially with TikTok. It is constant entertainment that lasts under one minute long to prevent a user from getting bored and skipping the video.

The main cast for this documentary were intelligent CEOs of highly ran media companies such as Pinterest and Google etc. These men and women speaking in this documentary have years of experience within the technology field and use their position to help transition ethical change to social media. They bring light to this widely held addiction and stress that if we do not hold ourselves more accountable to technological addiction use then our society is going to change drastically and fast.