Movie Review: Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Nathan Crane, Staff Writer

   Last Tuesday, I went and saw the Dungeons and Dragons movie. While it may be more for the fans of the roleplaying game, this movie has a lot of heart to it. I was surprised at how I felt for these characters during their journey. I really enjoyed the characters and the costumes of this film. It really did a good job to make you feel that you were in a dnd campaign. I am happy that more effort is put in to really understand and emulate the source material. It was the closest I have come to crying at a movie in a long time, as I was really invested in the story and the characters. Also, I really enjoyed how much work was put in to create the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and make the creatures feel like they walked right out of the game itself. For both fans of the games and movie goers alike, I highly recommend it.

Movie poster from IMDb