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Time in Comparison

Time in Comparison

Jillian Maloney, Student Journalist February 19, 2024

People have always told me how they wish they had a twin growing up. I used to be jealous of those who do not have a twin. I love my sister Johnna, but the situations we go through together...

Caribbean Daydream

Photo of the Week

Tara Wallace, Co-Editor in Chief February 17, 2024

In Remembrance that Inalienable Human Rights Matter

In Remembrance that Inalienable Human Rights Matter

Tara Wallace, Co-Editor in Chief February 17, 2024

The life of a person who is considered the property of another and is subject to his authority in all things is demeaning and insufferable. Take it from Harriet Jacobs (a.k.a. Linda Brent, pen name), a...

Is Social Media Ruining Our Cognition?

ABBY SANCHEZ December 11, 2023

The internet is absurdly addictive. We are permanently connected to it; We sacrifice our time and productivity for something unproductive, for the sake of avoiding a hard task, or just because we are...

Tracy Chapman performing live

Music Review: Tracy Chapman

Nathan Crane, Student Journalist November 28, 2023

Recently, I finally listened to Tracy Chapman’s self-titled debut album. I really enjoyed listening to it and feel that it is a debut album that proves that an artist is off to the right start. With...

A diverse group of hands in a stack.

Westfield State University Supports Diversity

Devon Ortmeyer, Staff Writer October 16, 2023

Westfield State University students and faculty held an event called “Voices of Resilience” on September 27th to promote diversity and inclusivity.  This event was split into two parts. The first...

My Adventures With Superman

TV Review: My Adventures With Superman

Nathan Crane October 6, 2023

As someone who isn’t the biggest Superman fan, this show really brought me back into being interested in the character. This show really nails the characters and gives them purposeful arcs. It's one...

Photo of the week

Photo of the week

October 6, 2023

Interview: Westfield State University Alumn Jake O’Kane, a contestant on Survivor this Season

Tara Wallace September 30, 2023

Check out our interview with Jake, WSU's own Survivor competitor!

Watch our interview now and the show as Jake competes this season!

Check Out Westfield State University Alumn Jake O’Kane on Survivor this Season – Premiering Tonight!

Tara Wallace September 27, 2023

Jake O’Kane, graduate of WSU’s class of 2019, will be a contestant on this, the 45th season of CBS’s Survivor!  Thanks to Professor Gardner of the Communication Department’s lead, the Westfield...

Westfield State University: Does Turning Point USA Have a Place Here?

Westfield State University: Does Turning Point USA Have a Place Here?

Maddy Hall September 26, 2023

WESTFIELD-Some Westfield State students attempted in the spring semester to create a chapter of Turning Point, a controversial conservative political organization, on campus, but other students...

Camera Lens close up image

Diversify Your Taste in Films 

Jeremy Johnson May 5, 2023
Films, like most pieces of art, are an amazing form of expression. When you go to the theaters and pay for overpriced popcorn to watch a movie, no matter how big or small it is in scale, you are viewing hundreds of different ideas and concepts that were sprung from its creators. However, for American audiences, we clearly give more attention to big spectacles and long spanning franchises... One of the biggest reasons for exploring more diverse films is to experience interesting ways of filmmaking that simply are not being shown in Hollywood cinema.
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